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GoMini™ Electric Double Breast Pump
GoMini™ Electric Double Breast Pump
GoMini™ Electric Double Breast Pump
GoMini™ Electric Double Breast Pump
GoMini™ Electric Double Breast Pump
GoMini™ Electric Double Breast Pump
GoMini™ Electric Double Breast Pump

GoMini™ Electric Double Breast Pump


A design with a simple philosophy of 'There's no Stopping Mums', GoMini™ Electric Breast Pump is designed to help breastfeeding mums, especially working mums to achieve a successful breastfeeding journey seamlessly. 

Winner of 3 prestigious awards - RedDot Design Award, Good Design Award and Singapore Good Design AwardGoMini™ is recognized for it's sleek design that makes it portable and easily functional with just one hand. It is the LIGHTEST pump we have! To add versatility, GoMini™ is made to be supported by power bank or AC adapter so breastfeeding moms especially if you're working, can use it on-the-go!

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Only double pump is available. Comes in regular flange 23mm.


As light as 8 strawberries (145g), it's easy to carry it around and the sleek design fits into any compartments.


Ergonomically shaped to fit in one hand, the buttons are intutively functionable. Anit-slip features.

Its control buttons are strategically positioned and ergonomically designed for easy, intuitive one-hand operation. Its pump body not only prevents back flow. The orientation of the tube holder makes it more accessible when in use.


Easy Switch between stimulation and expression mode. Pump can be powered by AC adaptor or battery bank 

Customizable expression modes and 5 different suction strengths to choose from.

Other features: Anti-slip surface to enhance gripping. Lanyard loop for security during use

Large flange 27mm is sold separately as a spare part which can be purchased here:



Package comes with:

Pump Body, Funnel (2pcs), Bottle Stand/Cover (2pcs), Tube Connector (2pcs), Wide-neck Adapter (2pcs), Lid (2pcs), Cap (2pcs), Hood (2pcs), Sealing Disc (2pcs), Bottle (2pcs), Tube (2pcs), Inner Cup (2pcs), Milk Valves (2 pcs), Nipple (2pcs), Motor Pump Unit, Power Adapter, USB Cable.


Parts Material Heat Resisance   Sterilization Method
Pump Body, Funnel, Bottle Stand/Cover, Tube Connector, wide-neck adapter, lid, cap, hood, sealing disc Polypropylene  120°C Boiling, Steam, Microwave, Chemical
Bottle Polypropylene 110°C Boiling, Steam, Microwave, Chemical
Tube, Inner cup, milk valve, nipple Silicone Rubber  120°C Boiling, Steam, Microwave, Chemical
Motor Pump Unit, Power Adapter, USB Cable     DO NOT WASH OR STERILIZE


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Singapore Singapore
Light weight, convenient, great customer service!

This breast pump is probably the lightest that I've ever seen. Despite that the suction is just right too. Besides the product itself, I would also like to commend on the customer service provided by Pigeon. I wrote in an email enquiry and they attended to me as soon as possible and gave me the most satisfactory reply. On top of that, additional information was provided to me as well. Thumbs up!!

Siu P.
Singapore Singapore
GoMini - great deal

Good, portable & light, easy to use.

Cindy Z.
Singapore Singapore
Go mini.

Very good! Small and convenient,Easy to clean and Very good service!

Dannie L.
Singapore Singapore
Portable and small but effective

Good and easy to wash.

Francine T.
Singapore Singapore
Portable and convenient

Good and cheap for a double pump. It is convenient as it is light, can use either a power bank or plug and is relatively quiet. Does not drain the power bank either - one medium power bank can supply many pumping sessions. Pump has 5 strength settings and I use the 2nd setting out of 5 - still efficient and not painful. I give this 4 out of 5 stars as when I first purchased it, one of the two pumps was not working well. Fortunately, after bringing it to pigeon repair centre, they replaced the cup and duckbill and now both pumps work fine. Customer service was pleasant to work.

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