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Disney Nursing Bottle Pouch
Disney Nursing Bottle Pouch
Disney Nursing Bottle Pouch

Disney Nursing Bottle Pouch


This bottle pouch protects nursing bottle while on the go. It also supports drinks to be at body temperature (40°C) which is the appropriate temperature for babies to drink.


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  • This product is not able to keep the temperature of hot water above 70°C for a long period of time. Hence this product is not suitable to be used as a bottle warmer. 
  • The effect of heat-retention differs according to the amount of liquid, outside temperature etc.

Directions to Wash

  • When using laundry machine, put the product in laundry net
  • Close the zipper before washing
  • Do not use brush or chlorine bleaching agent
  • Do use tumbler dryer
  • Do not iron the product
  • Hang in the shade when drying
  • Do not use dry-cleaning


  • Always use this product under adult supervision. Before each use, inspect the product.
  • Be careful of burn when using hot water.
  • Do not bring prepared formula milk or cow milk as the milk may go bad.
  • Plastic bottles are recommended to bring outdoor. Glass bottles have risks of breakage with accidental dropping. 
  • Screw the cap lightly and use the hood to make sure there is no leakage.
  • Liquid may seep through from stitching if there is any leakage from bottle
  • If there is leakage of milk or juice, please wash the product immediately 
  • Water repellant effect may deteriorate along with the usage and frequency
  • Insert the buckle securely when using.
  • The color of printing may come off due to friction.


Outer: Cotton

Inner: Polyethylene, polyester

Belt: Polypropylene

Buckle: Polyacetal


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