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Disney Disposable Baby Bib
Disney Disposable Baby Bib
Disney Disposable Baby Bib

Disney Disposable Baby Bib

Baby Bib convenient for outdoor use. Pocket to collect the food dropped from baby's mouth. It's free size that can fit babies from 5 months to 3 years old.
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Made in Japan

Directions to use:

  1. Separate the neck straps
  2. Flip the pocket to the front
  3. Tie the neck straps on baby's neck
  4. Untie the straps after the meal is done 


  • Always use this product with adult supervision. Before each use, inspect the product.
  • Do not place the product near the fire or in high temperature
  • As the bib will be tied around baby's neck, make sure no unexpected accident will happen. Do not cover baby's face with the bib to avoid suffocation 
  • As straps and pocket may break, do not pull the bib hard
  • Change the bib to new ones after each use for hygiene purpose

Material: Polyethylene


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