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Advanced Oral Care Kit (Pink, Grape)
Oral Care Oral Care

Advanced Oral Care Kit (Pink, Grape)


Our Advanced Oral Care Kits are for 18 to 36 months toddlers. They should be well-equipped with the brushing movements and routine now. The Lesson 4 training toothbrush is a Dual Bristle toothbrush that helps proper cleaning and gives optimum care. 

The Step 4 training toothbrush has a slightly longer brush head than Step 3.  

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Items in the bundle:

Tooth wipes, Finishing toothbrush, Toddler tooth gel, Step 4 Pink training toothbrush for 18 to 36 months.

After the child has practiced on the training toothbrush, parent will use the finishing toothbrush to properly clean the child's teeth. It is recommended to brush your child's teeth till 7 years old.

Lesson 4 toothbrush (18-36 months): 2 types of bristles for optimum care. The firmer bristles in the middle of the brush head is for effective brushing of tooth enamel. The softer bristles at the side is for gentler care of the gums.

  • Ergonomically designed to allow babies to hold by themselves
  • Anti-slip grip
  • Straight handle

Do not boil, steam sterilize or use sterilization tablets.

Parts Material Heat Resistance


ThermoPlastic Elastomer


Saturated Polyester Resin

Nylon Resin


Items in this bundle

Training Toothbrush Lesson 4 - Pink
Training Toothbrush Lesson 4 - Pink
Toothbrush for 16-36 months.
Product Details

Final practice to brushing teeth thoroughly and independently

Dual bristles (Fine & Sturdy) to ensure optimum care and cleaning

Straight Handle improves brushing movement

BPA Free

Anti-slip grip feature


Sterilization Method : Pour hot water over brush after thoroughly scrubbing it

Material : Grip - Polypropylene & TPE

Brush head - Nylon

Toddler Tooth Gel Grape
Toddler Tooth Gel Grape
Fluoride gel to prevent tooth decay.
Product Details

Suitable for 18 months and above

Helps prevent decay with Fluoride

Good for removing yellow tint and plaque

Contains food grade ingredients

Free from colouring

Does not contain foaming ingredients


Nett Weight : 40ml

Ingredients : Water, Xylitol, Polyethylene Glycol, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Benzoate, Ethyl Paraben, Sodium Fluoride


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