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Sucking and swallowing disorders

What is it and how do we identify it?

Ingestion disorders and dysphagia during the neonatal period can be regarded as 1. Sucking and swallowing disorders. Patients need to be assessed with the following perspectives: 1) Nutrition intake and growth, 2) Development of sucking and swallowing functions, and 3) Underlying disorders.

Ingestion disorders and dysphagia are frequently observed in neonates with congenital disorders. If underlying disorders are treatable, the medical intervention would be prior to them. Because babies are undergoing development of ingestion and swallowing function, age factor should be considered. It is important to understand which process is disturbed. 

Since babies are on the way of development, the symptoms would change drastically along with the neurological development. Moreover, the prognosis varies with the underlying disorders. This should be considered together with health condition.

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